All bracelets in this category are of the same composition as the parachute strings. The structure of the Survival Bracelets is very simple and is made of nylon. This type of ropes was used for the first time during the Second World War. Nowadays, their use is widespread, and they are used in the manufacture of tents as clothing, bags or even equipment for the aerospace industry.

At present, it is also possible to obtain this model of polyester strings and bracelets, quite similar to the nylon model. The real Paracord remains and remains however in nylon.

Survival Bracelets

Soldiers and outdoor enthusiasts then came up with a whole bunch of ways to use the Paracord, because of its excellent strength-to-weight ratio. This is a very thin rope, extremely robust, always at hand and ready to be used in a large number of situations. Many people used their Paracord creatively during the Second World War. This is how the classic Paracord bracelets appeared. Stores offer you a vast selection of Paracord bracelets, ranging from the classic model to more creative models with compass, whistle, etc. It is suitable for all your outdoor needs. For more versatile accessories like survival bracelets visit

Bracelet Size

All our bracelets have a unique size, but this size varies from model to model. You can obtain more information by referring to the product sheet of each model. This type of bracelet is, as a rule, slightly larger than the others from a length of 20 to 23cm.  You can estimate the size that suits you best by measuring your wrist, just above the bone, as shown below.  Add 2-3 cm to this measurement to know the size of bracelet that will suit you best.

The Clasp of the Paracord Bracelet

Classic bracelets are usually equipped with either a plastic snap or a more creative metal locking system that is unique to bracelets. This metal locking system is more complicated to open and close but it is the promise of a solid hold. In addition it has other functions that can be useful in survival situations. These locking systems can nowadays be equipped with whistle, lighter stone, etc.

Its survival, trekking or traveling around the world, the survival bracelet or the paracord bracelet is popular. This ensures that you always have several meters of strong rope that can be used to repair an object, build a shelter or raft, fish and hunt in difficult situations. Discover selection among different brands. Also find the survival bracelets with whistle and firearm.

Survivor bracelet with original US cobra weaves a modern look. Closed by a stainless steel shackle, this bracelet is as pretty as it is useful for survival or during outdoor activities.

It is ideal for campers, hikers, sportsmen, military, scouts, hunters, fishermen, miners, etc. It is made in paracord 550 of American origin this rope formed of 7 strands is used in the suspension of the parachutes able to withstand 250 kg of load. Enjoyable wearing, this survival bracelet will be your ideal partner in all emergencies of simple lace, the manufacture of a splint, reinforcement attachment of a camping canvas or packaging, etc. Once undone you will always have the rope available on you and can use about 3.5 meters of useful rope ultra strong and flexible. Trendy and timeless, the paracord bracelet is an ideal accessory. In summer as in winter, you can braid the parachute rope very easily.

Cheap Paracord

Discover a trend very popular like the paracord. Cheap, the braiding of the paracord is very simple and accessible to all. Paracord for bracelet will allow you to make many weaves. You now know where to buy cheap paracord. All the supplies for your parachute rope creations are available, clasps, carabineers, jewelry accessories. The origin of the paracord bracelet goes back to the Second World War; the Para string was used for parachutes.

Paracord bracelet

What creations to do in paracord? All kinds of braiding are possible. Paracord bracelet making is very easy and fun, you can mix several colors for a very nice rendering. The paracord braiding will allow you to make basic bracelets, other more original and sophisticated but also key chains, shoe laces, animal collars, knife handles or even wrist straps. You will be able to guide you with tutorial and DIY in Para string for your first paracord braiding. Rather plastic clip or metal clasp, you can customize your braiding paracord at will.  More information about what paracord bracelet is can be found here

Definition of Paracord 550:

Paracord 550 rothco, shop specialist online sale paracord 550 us called Para cord for braiding bracelet and material survival. The Paracord is a parachute cord, also paracord cord or paracord 550 is a lightweight nylon climbing rope originally used in the suspension lines of US parachutes during World War II. The Paracord is now utilized as a cord or rope all-purpose reason utility by the civilians and military. The paracord 550 braided sheaths have maximum number of threads intertwined for its size, providing it a relatively soft texture. The all-nylon structure makes the paracord quite elastic, without losing its robustness. The paracord proposes breaking threshold of 250 Kg.

The Paracord Bracelet:

The advantage of a paracord bracelet is that its braided shape, it will bring a report space, length undone very interesting. Most bracelets marketed allow obtaining lengths of Para strings between 1.80 and 5 meters on average. But the regulars of the braiding will be able to perfect the bracelets according to their needs, length expected, and especially the use of adequate buckles of closure clip, clip with whistle of survival, shackle. It can be said that these are the toys to fight nature’s harshness.

The paracord wire Glorex

Paracord Glorex threads come in many colors which will allow you to make paracord weaves in several colors. You will find all the necessary material and accessories to make your parachute cord bracelets: plastic clasp or metal clasp. The paracord tutorials will teach you how to do any sort of paracord knot. Nylon, paracord wire will bring flexibility, strength and aesthetics to your bracelets. You can wear your survival bracelets in any situation, even in the water at the beach, since the parachute rope dries very quickly and does not rot.