Whether traditional or designer nesting dolls like green nesting dolls, begins with pre-processing the surface. In case of unsatisfactory quality of the purchased Russian doll, there is a need for additional grinding of the surface. In special cases, primer nesting doll is also used. For priming the nesting doll purchased, putty for wood will be suitable, which effectively smoothes out any irregularities. After the primer, the nesting doll is polished once again, thanks to which the surface becomes perfectly smooth and allows you to apply a uniform painting.

The Smooth Tone

Smoothness and evenness one of the criteria that should be remembered before you buy a nested doll under the painting. After leveling the surface of the nesting doll, you can proceed to the first stage of doll painting transferring the sketch of the painting on the surface of the doll with a pencil. The pencil can be easily erased from a wooden, even grounded surface with an eraser, otherwise sanding can be used again.

Before you buy a nested doll, you need to inquire about the material from which it was made, as even a pencil often behaves differently with different materials. The next step is the general drawing of the background of the doll. In traditional nesting dolls, an example of a background could be the scarves or fur coats of a girl depicted on a nesting doll, but this is not important. Drawing the background does not require much detail and accuracy at least at the initial stage.

  • Before you buy a nested doll, you need to pay attention to the drawing of the background if the details are low, and then there is a chance of buying an unfinished nesting doll. After drawing the general background on the nested doll, its study begins. The design of the background includes the drawing of small elements and background detailing.
  • The correct background is one of the selection criteria, which should be considered before buying a nested doll. For a better visual effect, it is recommended to trace the mural elements, as this will give the nesting doll brightness and saturation, but this stage of the painting is not mandatory it seems possible to buy a nested doll with both the circled elements and the unclaimed.

The last, final stage of the painting of the doll is its varnishing. It is possible to varnish a nested doll practically with any varnish. Varnish is selected depending on the paint used for painting. For example, aniline paints are often coated with oil varnishes. Before you buy a nesting doll, you need to pay special attention to its varnishing with an insufficient layer of varnish painting can simply be erased.

Try to buy quality nesting dolls.

The traditional type of nesting dolls, holding in the hands of any object, is now supplemented by numerous options for nesting doll girls, women, sometimes even older, dolls with baskets, dolls full of fruit, dolls with samovars, dolls with ponds, dolls with various buckets and jugs. The artistic solution of modern nesting doll artists is more decorative than illustrative, as compared with the early examples of suburban dolls. Objects that nesting doll hold in their hands, turn into a kind of still lives. The classic sample of the nested doll with a large family was revived. In this case, the main Russian doll is often the image of a man, the head of a family, represented with his offspring. Having lost the seriousness and representativeness of the early town family nesting dolls, the modern type of family nesting dolls, presented by the artist, the nesting doll dolls with a certain degree of humor acquired, at the same time, the warm and cozy atmosphere of a large friendly family. Sometimes in the painting of this or that doll, the artist of the dolls gives us a whole range of different moods, attitudes, experiences of the people who surround it in life. In this regard, interesting nesting doll, depicting a nesting doll groom and nested doll bride.

  • If in the classic model of a similar nesting doll, made in Sergievsky Posad at the beginning of the 20th century, the images of the nesting doll of the groom and the nesting doll of the bride are equivalent, i.e. have almost the same scale, a moderately decorative interpretation of both characters, then the modern artist of nesting doll, reducing the size of the nesting doll-groom relative to his fluffy nesting doll bride, gives us a slightly humorous look at life, the role of a man in modern society. Because of this, we can say that nesting dolls are dolls which a man enjoys.

The finest Nesting Dolls You Can Choose

Naughty nesting dolls and sometimes the frankly satirical character of the nesting dolls inherent in the early Posad samples received a convincing continuation in the author’s nesting doll. Still the most popular are the colorful characters Gypsy dolls, nesting doll from different nationalities, clergy dolls.

The historical type of the nested doll enjoys great love among connoisseurs of Russian folk art: the matrioshka boyars and matrioshka dolls, the nesting doll representatives of the nobility and merchants of pre-revolutionary Russia. Lush nesting dolls, decorative items rich in historical characters, allow nesting dolls artists to diversify and decorative solutions of the nesting dolls. These can be nesting dolls in an Old Russian sarafan, carefully written out by the artist of the nesting doll with strict observance of the ethnographic details of folk nesting clothes. All these decorative and different types of nesting dolls are available at nestingdolls.co.

Painting the Dolls

In other cases, the painting of the nesting doll hawks reminds us of the Russian winter, the fluffy snow, the trees covered with hoarfrost, gives a feeling of Russia as a northern country. In such solutions, nesting doll colors are more restrained, sometimes the nesting doll artist uses the traditional matrioshka burning technique, complementing the decorative scorched nesting doll pattern with gold or silver paint. To give an additional effect, the nesting doll dolls are sometimes used in the decoration of modern nesting dolls inlays made from nacre pieces.

There were traditional nesting doll dolls for painting of the beginning of the 20th century, warriors in chain mail and helmets. In the image of the nesting doll dolls, Russia seems to appear before us in its pagan and Christian face, the nesting doll dolls, which are the basis of its cultural past and present. New to the art of Russian nesting dolls was an appeal to the traditions of icon painting. Usually, in solving images of the nesting dolls of the Mother of God, the nesting dolls of Jesus Christ, the nesting doll dolls of the apostles and the saints, the nesting doll artists use icon painting technique.

Considering the nested doll as a kind of pictorial surface, they tend to write an icon on it nesting dolls, and not to clothe the nested doll in the clothes of this or that saint depicted. A characteristic feature of the art of the modern author’s doll is its picturesqueness. Often the constructive beginning of the nested doll is ignored in favor of the overall pictorial solution of the nested doll. They tried to use the nested doll as a surface on which the nesting doll artist placed this or that image, whether it be a nesting doll or a landscape nesting doll, even at the turn of the century during the formation of the Russian nesting doll art. These last timid attempts in the modern world gave a powerful impetus to a new type of doll, the wooden form of the doll is used to reproduce one or another plot.

Thus, there is a merging of two traditions in the painting of the dolls: the relevance of the Sergiev-Posad painting of the dolls is connected with the decorative solution of the Nizhny Novgorod doll. The nesting doll apron is a traditional place for the depiction of the main semantic element of the painting of the Nizhny Novgorod nesting doll. It is this detail that nesting doll dolls borrow from her modern master dolls. According to the type of painting the apron of the dolls, there are several types of dolls. The first among them can be called nesting doll, on the apron of which are depicted monuments of architecture. This nesting doll is a doll that makes a souvenir, which may be associated with a visit to a historical place.

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