The onesie anime should not be confused with the trendy design street disguise pajamas in Japan. Onesies are carriers of street pajamas, which already look like onesie in the ordinary sense. Onesies are sewn from lightweight fabric to the size of a person. The hood may not cover your face. You should not confuse anime Onesie with life-size puppets as in Disney land or sports team talismans. Such onesies are called fur-suit or mascot. Onesies are fashionable costumes in a sense because it has various designs

BJD Onesie

Recently, from the anime Onesie stood out the BC version. The peculiarity of this costume is that the image for the mask is a doll on the hinges. They are the popular onesies in Harajuku Japan and are often collectible and very expensive. For the first time, BJD onesie appeared in 2011 at the festival, and in 2014, manufacturers began producing masks in the style of articulated dolls. One of the famous models, Lulu Hashimoto, was created in 2016.

The materials from which they sew these clothes

Onesie costume should be as comfortable and soft as possible. Therefore, when choosing it, it is important to pay attention to the fabric from which it is made. Consider the main options for the material:

Onesie unicorn fleece: From it originally and sewed all the onesie in Japan. Fleece fabric is made from synthetic fiber to replace wool and other natural fibers, so its undoubted advantage is hypo-allergenic. Fleece is always very soft, fluffy and pleasant to the body, easy to wash. In addition, the material perfectly retains heat, but let’s air through it will be quite difficult to freeze in such onesies. Due to the excellent quality of the fabric, fleece models are more expensive than their fellows, but you definitely will not regret the money spent. Value for money will pleasantly surprise you;

Velsoft is an inexpensive analogue of fleece. It is also called a soft, fluffy fleece. The fabric is made of synthetic fiber and has good properties: practically does not wrinkle, does not roll. It consists of soft, thick villi, perfectly retaining heat and absorbing moisture. The onesie of the velsoft has a number of drawbacks: over time, they no longer hold their shape and can sag. However, it was this material that made costumes more accessible to the average consumer around the world.

Cotton: This is a rather rare material for this model of clothing, and light summer pajamas or costumes are usually sewn from it. Cotton Onesie is great for a hot day, but you need to understand that due to not too dense material, they do not keep their shape.

To add a customize design to your onesie this article shows you how to do it.

What is it for?

Despite the unusual cut and style, the onesie is a fairly universal thing and can be used for different purposes. Only one thing is important: it should bring you and your loved ones a great mood and pleasant emotions. You can use it.

Despite its versatility, you should not go to Onesie everywhere. You should not wear it to school, university or work unless of course, you work as an animator. Do not be fond of soft costumes and in the necessary situations observe the dress code. Better in your free time change into a onesie for comfortable relaxation and relaxation.

Onesie manufacturers

On the market there are a large number of manufacturers of soft onesies. You can buy it in a regular store, and you can order on the Internet. We draw your attention to several sellers offering the largest range of onesie. A wide varieties of comfortable onesies can be found at


Cosbus Onesie is striking in their diversity. Here you can find a yellow horn unicorn with a yellow horn on the hood. The onesies are very bright and does not hinder movement due to its free fit. Cosbus offers:

  • Onesie Rainbow Unicorn model “Rainbow Unicorn”
  • The model “Kummamon Bear” will appeal to lovers of Japanese culture. Black Bear became a hero of many Internet memes and comics.

Funky ride

Shop Funky Ride offers a large number of the onesie with the characters of children’s animated series, animals, or just common fruit onesies. Any child will love the pajamas and Minion Dave costumes or the Angry Birds. Onesies made of warm fleece are the most suitable for babies, the appropriate onesie gift for baby showers. Size range XS-XXL will allow you to choose comfortable clothes for anyone.


In the Futuzhama online store, you can find options for onesie – pajamas for any family member, young and old. The same models are presented in both children’s and adult sizes. Pay attention to the cute sloth. Wearing it, you will reincarnate in the hero of the cartoon Zeropolis. In this onesies, you will be able to be lazy and sleep like a real sloth. You should also know the onesie sizing guide. Models:

  • Onesie sloth, Dimensional mesh – XS-XXL, material – beige fleece, zipped, without lining
  • Panda Dimensional mesh: 104-152 cm, XS-XXL, fleece white and black, unlined

Some futuzhama single model is available for children and their parents, so you can buy the same costumes for the whole family, and in the evenings your family tradition will gather for a cup of tea in cute pajamas. Panda pajamas, for example, come with zippers or buttons, so you choose what is more convenient for you.

Handy wear

This company has long been producing stylish Japanese pajamas. For the girl, an excellent choice would be the pink “Panther Baksi,” she is made in the girl’s combination of colors from soft-touch soft fleece, which allows the skin to breathe.

One of the funniest models of this brand is Lemur pajamas. Unisex model is suitable for men, women, and children. Behind a very long striped tail like a real animal, a low waistline and a free silhouette make the image very comical. Despite the fact that prices for Handy-Wear pajamas are quite high, their quality and brightness of colors and prints will not leave anyone indifferent.