Beaded bracelets are an excellent accessory for anyone who wants to show off their sense of style. But, most people don’t know that they have been around for tens of thousands of years. And, while most other ancient pieces of wardrobe were practical, these bracelets were there for aesthetic reasons. With that in mind, we have to say that not much is changing with the years. Men are still opting to use practical accessories mostly. But, a bracelet is one of the few accessories every man can pull off properly.

However, choosing the right bracelet can be an arduous task. After all, there are thousands of models to choose from. So, to help you out, we have come up with a list of the most popular designs for a stylish man.

Christine Christi – Men’s Bracelet

This trendy but simple bracelet is perfect for those that don’t want to seem like they are trying too hard. The cross and the turquoise elements of the bracelet work perfectly together. This bracelet manages to look masculine, elegant, and beautiful all at the same time.

Red and Gold Beads

Usually, wearing colored beads is not the safest of choice a man could make. However, the deep red of this bracelet is very striking, and it keeps the minimalist touch. These beads alternate with golden bars to make the look pop.

Buddha Stack

Sometimes, stacking is the answer for those who are having difficulties choosing a single bracelet. And, this bracelet is magnificent. Everything works perfectly together. The shine of hematite really brings out the masculine power of the tiger’s eye and the volcanic stone. This bracelet is an ideal choice for those who want to show both inner power and their restraint.

Simon Carter – Onyx and Skulls

When you think of a skull bracelet, you probably imagine it to be over-the-top. Well, when it comes to this piece of art, it definitely couldn’t be further from the truth. It only features two small, stylized skulls that go perfectly well with the onyx beads. In fact, this bracelet is as stylish as it gets.

African Bracelet

This beautiful blend of colors is the perfect gift for Valentine’s date. It is a bold fashion statement that brings out the charisma of the man wearing it. In fact, this bracelet is one of the best attention magnets out there.

Tiger’s eye Protection Bracelet

The tiger’s eye was always a visually powerful stone. However, not every bracelet with it holds anywhere near as much appeal as this one. Apart from the perfectly measured beads, it also features two subtle wings that work perfectly with any outfit style.

Lava Rock Krobo Bracelet

If you are looking for a perfect bracelet for a masculine man, you should look no further. Lava rocks are a subtle way to bring out the power of someone’s outfit. They are stylish, appealing, and go with everything. This bracelet also features a smart use of jasper gemstones to add a bit of elegance to the bracelet.

Steve London – Black and Gold Spartan Bracelet

The combination of black and gold Spartan bracelet was always an excellent choice for all men who are fond of showing impeccable personality through bracelet. The added feature of the golden Spartan helmet really makes it a perfect choice for a man who wants people to notice his warrior’s spirit.