A Brief Theory of Travel and the Desert

A Brief Theory of Travel and the Desert

A Brief Theory of Travel and the Desert

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Winner of the European Union Prize for Literature and of the Manuel Llano International Short Story Prize, A Brief Theory of Travel and the Desert is a collection of short stories that contemplate the full range of human experience. They take us on a journey around the world, from the arid landscapes of the Mediterranean coast to the work of the brilliant Serbian writer, Milorad Pavić. All of the characters are waiting for, searching for, or exploring the possibility of a revelation which never appears in their numbed here-and-now. However, fate or mere chance can reveal in a flash the true face of a character’s isolation.

Written in his very personal and intriguing style Cristian Crusat presents us with a compelling collection of texts that challenge the stereotypes of short stories.

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"This is a collection that claims for itself a mighty confluence of literary traditions . . . Crusat clearly has a gift for absorbing literary echoes, of sensing, tinglingly, atmospheric timbres and linguistic modulations." 

—Mika Provata-Carlona, Bookanista


 “An extraordinarily versatile prose, a nomadic writing.”



“Its stories are not kind, they are not written to please or to convince. They aren’t fashionable literature, but true literature, capable of changing something deep inside those who approach these texts.”

—M. Ángeles Robles, Huelva Información


 “An especially recommendable book for those willing to learn the path of the twenty-first century short stories: Cristian Crusat is no doubt one of its most intrepid pioneers.”

—José Martínez Ros




112 PP / 5.5” x 8.5”
SEPT 2016

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