Still the Same Man

Still the Same Man

Still the Same Man

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“I’m not angry. I’m furious.”

 She gave an understanding nod.

“You’ll get over it. Don’t try to challenge my husband. He knows how to handle things, as you’ve seen for yourself. That anger you feel isn’t enough. It hasn’t changed you. You’re still the same man you were before.”

Just when he is about to close a deal that will save his company from going under, Joanes has to travel to the Riviera Maya to attend his father-in-law’s second wedding. Once there, he is forced to leave the hotel ahead of an incoming hurricane, and on his trip toward safer ground, he has a chance encounter with an old college professor, whom he blames for the failure of his career. Trapped together in an extreme survival setting, the tense situation spirals unexpectedly toward a violent, tragic end. A gripping page-turner that explores man’s deepest and darkest instincts. 

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"A tense and intense novel that culminates in outlandish violence. The narrative unfolds almost cinematically—think Quentin Tarantino with a dash of Key Largo andTouch of Evil. . . . A terrific, anxious, and disturbing read."

Kirkus Reviews

“Appealing and exciting. . . . An invigorating challenge. The reader finds entertainment, emotions, and intrigue, as well as reflection and thought on grave issues.”

—Lluís Satorras, Babelia

“Excellently well written, without artifice or excessive décor, fast-paced, and a memorable ending.”

—Fernando González Ariza, Culturamas

186 PP / 5.5" x 8.5" 
MAY 2016

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