The Violet Hour

The Violet Hour

The Violet Hour

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“This book is a dictionary with a single entry. It is the search for a word that does not exist in my language—the word for a parent who has watched his child die. Children who lose their parents are orphans, and those who have to close their spouse’s dead eyes are widows and widowers. But we, the parents who sign the documents authorizing our children’s funerals, we have no name, no civil status. We remain parents forever.”

Winner of the Premio Ojo Crítico and the Premio Tigre Juan in 2014, The Violet Hour is the celebration of a life cut short. After his son Pablo dies before his second birthday from a rare and aggressive form of infant leukemia, the author writes this poignant account of unending love and hope. A deeply moving memoir that shows us the inner life of a man confronted with his own limitations.

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"That The Violet Hour reduced me to tears should not, therefore, be counted as a mark of its achievement. That it did so while pushing me to consider the condition of bereavement and our responses to it, the philosophy and metaphors that surround it, however, should. . . .And for all the author’s thoughtfulness and exactitude, his intellectual searching, it is Sergio del Molino’s grief, into which we’re drawn, that powers this beautiful, bitter, essential book."

Times Literary Supplement


“A book that makes the literature of grief notably richer.”

—Ricardo Senabre, El Mundo


“The author lays his heart on the table from the start, with tenderness when appropriate and rawness when necessary, touching the reader’s soul thanks exclusively to the honesty his words convey.”

—Álvaro Colomer, Micro-revista


248 PP / 5.5" x 8.5" 

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