They Were Coming For Him

They Were Coming For Him

They Were Coming For Him

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Jacques (Albert Camus’s alter ego) recalls the final years of his life. Famous for his opposition to any form of violence whatsoever, his ideas met with the disapproval of the intelligentsia of the time, and he found himself receiving numerous death threats—a situation that would trigger in him a recurring nightmare: They were coming for him . . . to kill him.

Winner of the Premio Dulce Chacón de Narrativa, this novel offers an insightful take on Albert Camus’s final years. Masterfully combining fiction and true facts, and with extracts from Camus’s novels interspersed throughout the narrative itself, Berta Vias brings to life the process that led to the Nobel Prize-winning writer’s intellectual isolation and ultimate abandonment. 

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“Berta Vias Mahou’s sensitive and probing novel combines fact, fiction, and excerpts from Camus’s own writings to illuminate the French-Algerian writer’s life and death through the story of his alter ego, Jacques. . . . This thoughtful story holds messages for us today, among them that the ‘practice of goading people on in their antagonism of one another' is both abhorrent and dangerous and that what will remain of most of our precious lives are impalpable memories, 'the weightless ash of a butterfly wing consumed in a forest fire.’ ”

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 “An outstanding novel. . . . Superb.”

—Fernando R. Lafuente, ABC


“A novel conceived as a homage to Camus that is a gift for demanding readers.”

—Tomás Val, Mercurio


“A meta-literary novel that’s infectiously fascinating, encouraging readers to revisit Camus’s works while also going beyond the figure of its protagonist to offer an interesting reflection on violence.”

—Emma Rodríguez, El Mundo

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