The Same City


The Same City

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“In truth, he had left New York looking for just that—the razor’s edge along which to walk, the unfathomable danger that would turn his life into an adventure.”

Brandon Moy, a mild-mannered New York executive in the midst of a midlife crisis, has a happenstance encounter with Albert Fergus, a long-lost friend. The glamorous and adventurous existence Albert recounts, contrasting with his own sensible, predictable routine, will unleash in him a deep feeling of waste and regret. The next day, September 11, after his wife and son have headed out for the day, his late start to work will fortuitously save his life, for instead of being at his desk in one of the Twin Towers, he is still in the subway when the planes hit. Realizing that as far as the world is concerned, he is dead, he decides right then and there to take this second chance to do all he yearns for. He buries his former identity and, with only a few dollars in his pocket, sets off on foot in search of a new place to fulfill his dreams. But will he find it, or will they all in the end turn out to be the same city?

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"As well as the American setting, the ups and downs of our protagonist recall comparable arcs in the novels of Paul Auster and Philip Roth... The plot is compressed and the prose tight... In his sixth novel, Martin has delivered a clever and pacy modern fable."

—Ben Bollig, Times Literary Supplement


"The book is a slim, quick read. Easy to devour in a sitting... The pace of the book is enthralling, and once within its grips, it's hard to get out... As a work, it is undeniably thought-provoking . . . . The Same City is a work unafraid to push back against the generally accepted manner of handling 9/11 in fiction and that alone makes it noteworthy."

Full Stop Magazine


"The translator has done a wonderful job bringing this to life and keeping the original poetry of the writing alive. It is hard to put down once you start reading it."

Manhattan Book Review

138 PP / 5.5" x 8.5"
SEPT 2015

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