Colomer, Álvaro

Álvaro Colomer is a writer and a journalist. His trilogy about death in the city consists of the novels La calle de los suicidios (The Street of Suicides), Mimodrama de una ciudad muerta (Mimedrama of a Dead City) and Los bosques de Upsala(Uppsala Woods, Hispabooks, October, 2013). These three novels look at the phenomenon of death and suicide in contemporary society from various points of view. He has also published the non-fiction books Se alquila una mujer (Woman For Hire) and Guardianes de la memoria (Guardians of Memory). The first is a wide-ranging report about prostitution in Spain, made up of short accounts based on true facts, and the second is a travel book dealing with five European locations marked by major historical events (Auschwitz, Chernobyl, Guernica, Transylvania and Lourdes) in which Colomer imagines what the places would be like today, had the weight of History not fallen upon them. The book was awarded the International Prize for Excellence in Journalism in 2007.

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