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  • Featured in Granta’s The Best of Young Spanish-Language Novelists issue in 2010, Javier Montes blends literary narrative and compelling intrigue to great effect in this novel. A journalist employed to review hotels for a newspaper finds himself unexpectedly playing the voyeur. One day during a check-in, he is given the wrong key and, on entering the room,...

    15,95 €

    Montes, Javier

  • “‘I prefer a divorce to a funeral.’ Realizing that my words, however harsh they may seem, conceal a declaration of love, perhaps the most sincere declaration of love I’ve ever made to her, she collapses on the sofa and bursts into tears.” This is the climax of Uppsala Woods, an amazing novel in which Álvaro Colomer looks at life's painful issues with a...

    15,95 €

    Colomer, Álvaro

  • Short-listed for one of the most prestigious literary awards in Spain before being made into a successful film, The Faint-hearted Bolshevik has, over the fifteen years since its first edition, become an undisputed classic of contemporary Spanish literature. One morning in a traffic jam on his way to work, a driver is distracted and slams into the car in...

    14,95 €

    Silva, Lorenzo

  • Carmela and Nico lead a comfortable life in a nice house in the suburbs with their little girl, Berta, their dog Laika and Olivia, the young Ecuadorian home help. They have all settled into a cosy routine, day following day in a peaceful, middle-class pattern where nothing ever happens. Or does it? When Olivia arrives one morning to find blood stains at...

    16,99 €

    Ovejero, José

  • “I feel terrible. Although he doesn't say it, I know he had been hoping the whole time that I would explain it all somehow; but I can't explain it, because I don't understand anything.” These disturbing words, almost a distillation of the entire text, close the novel The Happy City by Elvira Navarro, who featured in Granta’s The Best of Young...

    15,95 €

    Navarro, Elvira

Showing 25 - 29 of 29 items

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