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  • “In truth, he had left New York looking for just that—the razor’s edge along which to walk, the unfathomable danger that would turn his life into an adventure.” Brandon Moy, a mild-mannered New York executive in the midst of a midlife crisis, has a happenstance encounter with Albert Fergus, a long-lost friend. The glamorous and adventurous existence...

    14,95 €

    Martín, Luisgé

  • “The worst thing might not be so much what’s happening now, no matter how dreadful that may be—Felipe Díaz Carrión said to himself, thinking not just about end-of-summer storms—but the fact that the particulates and dust are shaken free and get into your eyes and blind you, and then anything can happen, anything.”  When the old printshop that Felipe Díaz...

    15,95 €

    González Sainz, J.A.

  • “And it’s not that we did anything wrong then, but we did get something wrong somewhere, and the story that I’ve been going over and over shows that. Let his death at least achieve that one thing—to put an end once and for all to this game that we’ve all three been playing for so many years, without even realizing. That’s the final unpaid debt.” Pablo...

    17,00 €

    Jiménez Barca, Antonio

  • “The cat narrows its eyes when it see222s the man lean against the window frame, overcome by a fit of sobbing that has nothing to do with sadness, or sorrow, but with an internal crumbling, like the collapse of a wave breaking on the shore of his skin and sweeping away his memory.” Gabriel Ariz is an art professor relentlessly pursued by misfortune—his...

    15,95 €

    Gracia Armendáriz, Juan

  • A work that reflects on the beauty and the risk of silence, on small unmentionable secrets and betrayals that lurk behind every love.“I had just come back from the supermarket and I emptied the shopping bags out on the kitchen table. Irene was already boiling water for the pasta in a pan. Then I gave her a heartbroken look before announcing that I had...

    15,95 €

    Zarraluki, Pedro

  • “The only way I have found to balance memory and oblivion is to turn Cometa’s presence into a second skin. It happens to me often, with him. Where is he? I think, not realizing that I am wearing him. Like your reading glasses. You look for them—you can’t do without them—and suddenly you realize that you’re wearing them around your neck. That is exactly...

    15,95 €

    Monsó, Imma

  • Woman in Darkness is the story of a fatal obsession. It is a novel about secrets, guilt and identity. Luisgé Martín goes back into the darkest labyrinths of the human soul to portray those existential dilemmas in which heterodox sexual passions test the limits of morality.A few days before dying in an accident, Guillermo confesses to his friend Eusebio...

    15,95 €

    Martín, Luisgé

  • Andrés Barba is one of Spain’s most prominent literary writers, rightfully included in Granta’s The Best of Young Spanish-Language Novelists issue. “She remembers that the comment really stung and then immediately stopped stinging—like accidentally touching an open sore—when she took into account that a virtue can also be a defect if you just shift your...

    15,95 €

    Barba, Andrés

  • Paris depicts a man’s journey through the labyrinth of his memories, a search for his origins that will uncover an old family secret and turn his world upside down. A mesmerizing and haunting story by award-winning author Marcos Giralt Torrente, a master craftsman calibrating nuance and impact with a true gift.The unnamed narrator reflects on the marriage...

    16,99 €

    Giralt Torrente, Marcos

  • “Enough is enough. I don’t want to be a pessimist, or a victim, any more. I reject the status of black hole. This notebook, which I address and dedicate to Vidor Mallick, inveterate gambler and amateur loan shark, is proof of my will to optimism, that is, my great desire to become a man of a sunny disposition, happy, normal, one of these guys who spring...

    16,99 €

    Casariego, Nicolás

  • “Guillermo Stein came to school in the middle of the year, arriving on a bicycle. None of us came to school by bicycle.” The Stein Report, a short novel set in the island of Majorca in the 1960s, kicks off with the arrival of a newcomer that will throw things off balance. Curious about him, Stein’s schoolmates will try to unravel the secrets concealed by...

    12,95 €

    Llop, José Carlos

  • Hurbinek was born and died in Auschwitz. “Nothing remains of him; he bears witness through these words of mine,” wrote Primo Levi in The Truce. Deeply moved by the unknown story of that three-year-old boy, Adolfo García Ortega rescues his memory from oblivion by inventing his life—the possible lives he might have lived had he not perished, a victim to...

    16,99 €

    García Ortega, Adolfo

Showing 13 - 24 of 29 items

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