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  • In September 1927, Nalo starts working as a trainee for the gardener at the blue palace of the Belgian engineers. In a time of revolutions and war, his years at the palace will bring his awakening to life. The Blue Palace of the Belgian Engineers richly explores a varied array of characters who, despite their distinct social backgrounds, share in...

    16,95 €

    Argüelles, Fulgencio

  • Winner of the Basque Country’s Fiction Prize, Martutene is a unique novel destined to become an essential reference of Contemporary World Literature. Abaitua and Pilar, a gynecologist and a neurosurgeon, and Martin and Julia, a writer and a translator, are two couples worn down by years of marriage who have slid off into a kind of bored decadence. Their...

    19,95 €

    Saizarbitoria, Ramon

  • Winner of the European Union Prize for Literature and of the Manuel Llano International Short Story Prize, A Brief Theory of Travel and the Desert is a collection of short stories that contemplate the full range of human experience. They take us on a journey around the world, from the arid landscapes of the Mediterranean coast to the work of the brilliant...

    12,95 €

    Crusat, Cristian

  • An elderly Spanish man and a young Dutch woman sit together on a flight from Barcelona and get acquainted with each other. When the man dies during landing, the woman impulsively takes the small box that the man was planning to give to his son. Alternately, through “Her” and “Him” chapters we learn the stories of the two passengers. From him, we hear the...

    14,95 €

    Fàbregas, Laia

  • Winner of three prestigious Catalan literary awards—Premio Octavi Pellissa, Premio de la Crítica Catalana and Premio Qwerty—Brandes’ Decision is an intense lyric narrative about memory’s shortcomings and the small rebellions that give meaning to life. Brandes, a painter living in Nazi-occupied Paris has a tough decision to make: Göring has taken away all...

    14,95 €

    Márquez, Eduard

  • A Bad End is the story of Goyito, a dwarf at the end of his life, who recounts to us, with bitterness and sarcasm, the miserable reality of his lonely childhood, his macabre experiences as a circus clown, his liaisons dangereuses in Madrid’s underworld. Mischief, desire, death, ambition, and revenge—the life of a rascal, told in exuberant, exhilarating...

    16,95 €

    Royuela, Fernando

  • Marcos is a student of fine arts. When Jacobo Montes, the social artist of the hour, arrives in Murcia, he becomes his assistant and helps him set up his transgressive piece of art for the city. But Montes’s methods border on the unacceptable, and when theory turns to practice, things run the risk of getting out of hand. Written with a sharp approach that...

    16,95 €

    Hernández, Miguel Ángel

  • “Dear Jacobo, now you are dead, and I am sitting in your apartment, in near darkness, while a few blocks from here, at my place, no one is waiting up for me. Dear Jacobo, now you are dead, I ought to be thinking about who killed you, and yet I think only about who might kill me. . . . Dear Jacobo, you’ve been murdered and I’m thinking about my life. And...

    14,95 €

    Castán, Carlos

  • “I’m not angry. I’m furious.”  She gave an understanding nod. “You’ll get over it. Don’t try to challenge my husband. He knows how to handle things, as you’ve seen for yourself. That anger you feel isn’t enough. It hasn’t changed you. You’re still the same man you were before.” Just when he is about to close a deal that will save his company from going...

    14,95 €

    Bilbao, Jon

  • “This book is a dictionary with a single entry. It is the search for a word that does not exist in my language—the word for a parent who has watched his child die. Children who lose their parents are orphans, and those who have to close their spouse’s dead eyes are widows and widowers. But we, the parents who sign the documents authorizing our children’s...

    14,95 €

    del Molino, Sergio

  • Jacques (Albert Camus’s alter ego) recalls the final years of his life. Famous for his opposition to any form of violence whatsoever, his ideas met with the disapproval of the intelligentsia of the time, and he found himself receiving numerous death threats—a situation that would trigger in him a recurring nightmare: They were coming for him . . . to kill...

    15,95 €

    Vias Mahou, Berta

  • "They couldn’t have been more than fourteen, and yet they were older than him, as old as fossil fish, as survival, as torture or neglect. They’d become realists. Their sexuality was clearly developed, and that seemed to have created mysterious bonds among them, a closeness and empathy, like wolves that went hunting in a pack." Fourteen-year-old Tomás goes...

    15,95 €

    Barba, Andrés

Showing 1 - 12 of 29 items

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